5 LinkedIn Growth Hacks To Raise Your Business Profile

Author - armstrong-admin

Is your business making the best use of Linkedin? Linkedin has evolved into one of the best (if not the best) social media channels to use for b2b lead generation so if you haven’t been paying attention to your company’s Linkedin presence, now is the time to start with these easy to implement Linkedin growth hacks.

Review Your Business Profile

Us humans are very quick to form impressions of people and the same goes for businesses. Success with Linkedin begins with having a convincing business page which looks professional and sends the right message to potential clients.  A company logo for the profile picture and a well-designed header are essential. Both should be professionally designed.

There is also the one line summary about your business. Is it simply a bland sentence about your business or does it communicate the problem you business solves for customers? Like all copywriting that sells for business, your summary should always be about what’s good for your customer. This means avoiding cliché’s such as ‘we always put our customers first ’ and so on… The summary should also include keywords and mention any achievements.

This business description section of your business profile gives the opportunity to go into more detail about your business. You see many businesses creating a rambling history of when the company was formed without really saying much about why customers should choose to do business with them over others.  Competition in the b2b sector can be tough so it’s important to stand out and capture attention with a well written description.  

Post engaging content

Just because it’s Linkedin, this doesn’t mean people want to read boring corporate posts. Like any other social media channel, the posts that get the most engagement are the ones that show the human side of the business. Posts should also be presenting information that is of value to readers. If there is one hack of Linkedin this is it.

Posting valuable content regularly and taking the time to interact with connections on Linkedin will go a long way to raising the profile of your brand. There is significant opportunity to gain an edge over the competition with only 17% of decision makers rating the quality of thought leadership posts as good or excellent meaning the vast majority of these types of posts fail to hit the mark.

Some examples of post types to make use of Linkedin include

– Industry reports and trend
– Customer insights
– Employee stories

Also don’t be afraid to use a multimedia approach that includes images (posts with images get 94% more engagement) and video in particular. 73% of B2B marketers said that video had a positive effect on marketing ROI. Professionally produced videos will generally get more engagement on Linkedin. Add to this the statistic that

Make use of live streams

Most people using Linkedin regularly will know the value of posting regular content and its affect on audience building but there is another hack for Linkedin on a few companies take advantage of – live streams.  A live stream captures the audience of Linkedin users far more than any other content. Live videos attract 24 times the comments on average and seven times the number of reactions.

Of course informing everyone that you are planning a live stream and getting employees to share updates prior to the event is essential for it to gain maximum exposure. Timing is also important, running live streams when many people have zoned out on a Friday afternoon thinking about the weekend isn’t advisable.  

Get employees involved on Linkedin

You can expand the reach of your marketing several times over when you have a group of engaged employees helping to spread the word. Posts about employee successes are highly engaging for Linkedin users and the insights they share will also help push out your content to their networks leveraging your content several times over.

One of your employees might even be an influencer in which case they will only expand your followers and if they haven’t yet reached that status, your employees too can benefit from the association with their employers brand.  

Don’t forget the MD’s profile

The boss or MD of the company is often one of the most searched for names in organic search results so the MD’s Linkedin page is going to be visited at least as much if not more than the company page. So the same rules apply when it comes to making sure the page is a fair representation. People want to see what the leader has to say and if the MD is a thought leader, even better. If on the other hand the MD has a low profile, this should be raised by regular posts showing their human side rather than attempting to be salesy. People are looking to buy from people much the same as they would be at an in-person networking event.  

So there you have it, 5 simple hacks that are virtually guaranteed to raise your profile on Linkedin.  

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