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Technical 3D Animation

Few other advertising agencies can match the extensive technical 3D animation and design capabilities of ArmstrongB2B®. Our multi-talented team of specialists are equipped with the latest technology to bring all kinds of ideas to life in amazing 3D detail. Complemented by highly skilled videography and sharp sound design to realise your vision.

As with any project, we begin by writing the script and creating a stylish mood board. In telling a CGI story, here’s how we put everything together to make the magic happen:


This helps us understand and convey the proposed direction and visual aspects of an animation. When creating still imagery, we provide greyscale renders, wireframe screenshots or low-resolution proofs.


Depending on your needs and product technicality, we can either work from an engineering CAD model or build it from scratch. CAD models need to be converted by our 3D software and optimised as files are often too large to be animated, but they save time compared to building from scratch.


Once models have been placed into the 3D software, they need to be textured. The appropriate surfaces (shaders) are built and applied to make the model look realistic when rendered. Challenging examples include complex metal shaders and organics (plants or trees) for background and surrounding scenery.


After texturing is complete, a lighting studio is created. From full artificial interiors to exterior solutions, lighting can be one of the most challenging parts, especially when factoring in animation.


Next, we fully animate the product, lights and cameras in the scene. Certain machinery has to be fully rigged to animate in a realistic fashion. Some animations may need particle solutions e.g. liquids and fire, which can take many hours to create and render in separate software.


Rendering is used to create images and sequences of the product, which are then saved and sent to the post processing software. This step takes considerable time if the content is animated or a high-resolution still image, with additional time added for complex shaders and lighting solutions.


Post-processing and editing include colour grading, sound, music and voiceover, title creation, stitching together image sequences, and timing animated sections rendered in the 3D software. If it’s an animation, rendering to a video format will be required, before finally being sent to you.

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