B2b Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Author - armstrong-admin

Following two years and counting of pandemic upheaval what trends can we expect to see in b2b marketing and web design in the next 12 months?

We are in the process of a revolution that was already underway and technological advances have only accelerated. With people forced to work from home or furloughed te flexible working, as well as virtual meetings and events have become the norm.

This extra downtime has also accelerated change in the b2b marketing space where business owners are looking far more closely at the quality of their digital presence than ever before. Many will have found that to be in need of an upgrade when they see the standard of work produced by their top competitors.

So with this in mind here are some of the B2b digital marketing trends we can expect to see in 2022.  

Web design

Web design has come a long way even in the past five years as from the rise and fall and rise again of parallax designs to 3D animation and motion graphics. While these advances will continue at pace in the future, it is likely that 2022 may be the year where simplicity and ease of navigation wins out.

Design trends in recent years have become overcomplicated particularly where parallax is concerned and this has in some cases led to poor user experiences. In the b2b space there are still plenty of websites that appear stuck in the 2000s and for these businesses updating to more contemporary user-friendly designs will be critical to future success with online lead generation.

There is likely to be increased investment in quality photography and video to bring products and industrial processes to life. Incorporating these into user friendly website layouts will not only build trust in brands but also enhance search engine performance by increasing on page engagement.  

CGI Animation

One important component of web design for industrial businesses will be CGI animations. How do you bring an industrial process to life in a way that is engaging? CGI animations make a website more interactive and tell the story of a product in a way that is more engaging than simply text on a page could ever achieve.

Complex CGI animations will help raise the profile of business brands. Creating them is not going to be within the means of every business but for those that can afford to have them created, they can be a true game changer not only in helping website visitors understand a product or industrial process but also create the impression that the company is trustworthy and reliable. Industrial Brands that use CGI animations in 2022 will continue to be the ones that stand.  


One thing is certain for 2022, competition will arrive for those coveted top spots in search results and businesses will continue to make inroads into markets beyond their national boundaries making International SEO of vital importance to success in this area.

Often the death of SEO is predicted as Google starts to make inroads into making many of the old SEO strategies worthless with artificial intelligence. To some extent the old ways of SEO no longer work when you have search results driven by AI but what does work is a focus on big data.

SEO has become far more technical and aside from data analysis there is also the need to devise effective content strategies. The latter has always been a challenge for industrial businesses that simply don’t have the material consumer brands have to work with. The answer to this is to innovate and come up with content ideas that drive engagement. Developing buyer personas should be top of the list so content resonates with ideal customers.  

Video content will also be an area to focus on with an increasing number of b2b marketers gaining a lot of success using this medium on Youtube and Linkedin.