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Bucher Emhart Glass

Scout launch


Bucher Emhart Glass was ready to launch a brand-new inspection software platform that had been developed to take the FleXinpsect product range to a new level. It was the latest advancement from Emhart to lead the way in inspection automation, and we were invited to name this revolutionary technology.


The brand identity needed to be easy enough to understand or translatable to a global audience. The function of this innovative software is to hunt defects present in container glass. Featuring several advancements in inspection technology, it’s programmed to remember previous jobs, minimising the speed of set up and job changes. After an indepth analysis of the market and technology, the name ‘Scout’ perfectly positioned the system, which has now become the most recognised software brand in container inspection and is the platform for all new machine builds.


We felt that a strong prefix would enhance the brand mark, and so ‘Powered by Scout’ was ready for its launch to the market. ‘Scout’ was visually represented by an eye ‘scope’, perfectly depicting the absolute precision of the software. The colour palette was in line with Bucher brand guidelines and featured cool blues. More than a brand name, Scout gave the commercial team a belief that Emhart machines had technology far superior to anything else on the market. The internal and external launch were followed by a bespoke direct mail piece to customers, linked to an animation introducing Scout. This was supported by a dedicated website, literature, presentations and video presenting the software in action.


Sometimes a product launch can be too good. Our challenge was to convince the sales team to support the sales of machines that did not feature Scout. However, the launch exceeded expectations with record machine sales and upgrades to machines in service.