Elmac Technologies Website Design

Elmac Technologies



Elmac Technologies is a leading manufacturer of flame arresters. Experts in their field, they wanted to show off this life-saving technology to customers in a better, more accessible way – especially to the always online audience of today.


This also gave ArmstrongB2B® the opportunity to show off its own strengths, with informative 3D animations taking viewers inside the products. A new website specific to the industries Elmac serves, was combined with the aim of achieving far better SEO rankings, as potential new customers need to land on Elmac first when searching for flame arresters on Google.


Our 3D team really pushed things forward with beautiful product animations. Nothing overly flash – simply hardworking and effective demonstrations of how the inside of a flame arrester operates. Our writers also got busy producing new SEO-approved copy, together with a series of emailers to Elmac’s existing clients.


Increased visibility in all search engines rose by 90%. Seven of the top products went to number 1 on Google and six products to number 2. Organic search increased by 49%, direct traffic increased by 60%, referrals by 66% and social by 70%. Last but not least, new business enquiries grew by 450%.