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Bucher Emhart Glass

Interactive product tool


With an impressive portfolio of machines comes an equally impressive list of options. Each Emhart machine can be custom-built to feature any number of optional extras. The current list was presented in literature, presentations and as PDFs on the group website. The challenge for ArmstrongB2B® was to modernise the presentation of options on each machine and produce an engaging tool that would be an asset to the sales team and understood in all languages.


Our starting point was to create a matrix listing every standard feature and additional option for each machine in the portfolio. Listing the function and result of using each option, we mapped out the user journey for both Emhart’s sales team and customers. Next we explored the design of the user interface and how each page would be structured, before creating a wire frame navigation to test the usability of the tool and ensure the least number of clicks.


The interactive product tool home screen allowed ‘machines’ or ‘automation’ to be selected. When ‘machines’ was chosen, the next screen would present every machine in the Emhart portfolio. The user could select one, which took them to the machine overview page. From here they’d be able to see each of the standard features and watch a 30-second animation that presented the function of the machine. All options were supported by short animations, visualising how they work and what they achieve. You could easily navigate to all parts of the tool with the navigation buttons at the top.