How 3D Animation Can Transform B2B Marketing

Author - armstrong-admin

In the old days marketing b2b was a bit of a slog for companies producing technical products to present them in a good light.

The problem was, and still is in many cases, down to how those products and services in the b2b space are presented. Presentation is everything on a website. If products are quickly snapped with a mobile phone on the fly then there is a pretty good chance they are not going to look good on a website.

Then there is the increasing use of video as the medium of choice to engage and attract customers. With today’s increasingly short span of attention, companies are having to fight for every second of attention and the longer people spend on a website the more likely it is they will remember that website when it is time to make a purchasing decision.

Incorporating 3D product animation into a website goes a long way to overcoming the challenges of keeping customers engaged on a website. So let’s look at some of the advantages 3D product animation can offer b2b businesses looking to get ahead of the competition   

Your products and services will be enhanced

Product animation today is almost indistinguishable from the real thing so you can show off your products without the rough edges and detail you might see in a real video. The animation of your product will also give viewers the chance to see the product in action and better visualise the benefits in a more polished and sophisticated presentation.   

Product animation can show how a product works

A video can replace a thousand words and if you have a technical product or process to demonstrate, then using 3d animation to explain how it works will help potential customers gain a better understanding of processes and features and functionality. Features you will find in 3D animation may not be visible to the naked eye and there are some amazing effects that can be produced to keep your audience captivated.  

3D animation is ideal for B2B sales and marketing

Having the ability to show exactly how your product works to customers and potential clients gives you the edge over competitors that are unable to present their product in a way everyone can understand. Product animations can continue to be used on social media such as Linkedin to promote to a wider audience and direct prospects to your website.

There is no doubt that video has risen to the top ahead of other mediums when it comes to marketing and reaching customers. The type of videos produced is also an important factor to consider and 3D product animations provide an excellent way  to show off your products in their best light.