How Effective B2B Marketing Can Be A Shot In the Arm

Author - armstrong-admin

Nearly every business sector has taken a hit as a result of the pandemic in 2020. Few manufacturing businesses it seems have been immune from its effects on productivity, investment and supply chains. 42% have reported a decrease in profits with only 5% reporting an increase. Indications are that we haven’t seen the last of these effects on business and these problems could well reach their peak in the early months of 2021.

One of the key areas where the pandmenic has impacted all businesses is in the interraction between people. Lockdowns have had a limiting impact on sales teams who have found themselves restricted on when and where they can travel, which has had consequences for the maintenance of client relationships.

Technology has proved to be a major asset in keeping the lines of communication open to a degree but zoom calls are still no match for real face to face meetings. 

Despite all this, every crisis brings opportunity and the reduced activity has provided some time to reflect and for many businesses to assess their web presence. From branding to websites and social media channels, this year has been an ideal time to review what is working and what isn’t.

For those that haven’t taken the time to do this, perhaps sooner rather than later, the question will need to be asked ‘How much ROI is my business generating from investment in digital marketing?’

Manufacturing is one of those sectors where the marketing process can be hamstrung by outdated websites  which leaves them at a disadvantage when it comes to the benefits digital marketing and advertising can offer.

It used to be the case that in times of trouble, marketing was the first area to be axed to save money yet as online marketing has grown in sophistication, its importance cannot be underestimated.

If there are certainties about how 2021 will play out, it is with increased levels of competition. Businesses in most sectors are going to be eager to recover losses made during the pandemic. In manufacturing, which has been less impacted than other sectors such as hospitality and retail, sales figures will still need to improve quickly to make up for the decrease in profits in 2020.

Businesses may also need to continue adapting to new realities and fluctuations in demand for products as well as deal with supply chains that may continue to be disrupted. 

An effective B2B marketing strategy that includes a focus on building on and improving online presence can play an important part in the recovery of businesses in 2021 and beyond. It can also help launch new streams of business or even test the water to gauge demand for new products and services.

Google PPC and SEO are effective lead generating channels, however they are often only effective with investment in websites that convert visitors into customers.

To take advantage of the new opportunities to expand in 2021, b2b business owners will need to consider the importance of having all their marketing activity in alignment with business aims and objectives. Performance of campaigns should be measured in as much detail as possible to gauge the effectiveness of digital marketing from organic search results to website traffic and conversions. Measurement of results will be the key to improving and aiding business recovery.