How To Make Your Blog Post Titles More Interesting

Author - armstrong-admin

Coming up with a decent blog post title can be almost as hard as writing the blog itself.

A good blog post title like the title of a book needs to do several things at once. Not only does it need to convey what the post is about, it also has to sound appealing enough for someone to want to read the post.

The task of writing that blog post title is made all the more difficult when the subject matter is on industrial themes, engineering components and other technical subjects.

Yet even with all these undoubted hurdles, blog posts titles are arguably the most important part of the writing process.

So if you are going to write a blog, then you had better come up with a catchy title or nobody will read it.

With this in mind, here are our suggestions on how to make that blog post title irresistible.

1. Write more titles

We’ve just been telling you hard writing titles is and now we’re telling you to write more of them?
Writing more blog post titles for each individual post may not be good for your sanity but it is one of the best routes to success according to this survey.

I first came across this a few years back when as an inexperienced copywriter I was asked to write 5 blog post titles so the marketing team could vote on the one they liked best or suggest a new one if they didn’t like any of them.

We did come up with some cracking blog titles and this worked wonders for building an audience.

2. Avoid Clichés unless you have the skills to use them as a hook

Avoiding cliches is a golden rule in all professional writing yet you still see a lot of blog post titles incorporate idioms that became cliches even before people started writing blogs like “low hanging fruit”, “blast from the past” and so on.
Rather than revert to cliches, blog post titles can be made a lot more interesting by using combinations of words and phrases that don’t naturally appear together and draw the attention of readers intrigued by the odd sounding title of your blog. Purple Cow by Seth Godin being one example of this.

3. Using numbered lists in blog post titles

List posts tend to be frowned upon by professional writers but for time constrained b2b writers, they can cut down a lot of writing time and still be enticing for readers. To get people to read your list post however you may be interested to know what number is best to use in a list post.
A lot of research has been done on this subject and intriguingly the magic number appears to be 25 by quite some distance. Now not many b2b business owners have the time or ideas to come up with list posts this long therefor shorter posts can get some engagement if the number in the title is at least 5, 7, 9 or 10.

4. Add brackets

If your patience for writing blog posts can only stretch to about 3 tips, then you can always elaborate with something added in brackets. Readers seem to like blog posts titles with brackets, perhaps because it adds an extra layer that makes them stop and think.

5. Don’t forget the keyword

Part of the battle to get your blog post seen by anyone is to optimise it for search results. Research the kinds of questions and keywords people are going to be typing in before writing your post title. If it’s too generic and similar to every other blog title on the subject then it is unlikely to get any traffic from search and the same goes for failing to use the right keywords. It could be the best blog written on the subject out there but if the keyword isn’t included in the title it is highly unlikely it will feature prominently enough for your readers to see it. Again this is backed up by evidence in the chart below:


Hopefully, this post has covered everything you need to make your blog posts more enticing for your readers. If you still find it a struggle to write content for your blog we have a team of copywriters ready to make your blog stand out.