The Advantages of 3D Product Rendering For B2B Marketers

Author - armstrong-admin

Images are all around us in advertising from photographs to today’s advanced 3D product rendering. The quality of product rendering has reached the point where there are many advantages to be gained from using product rendering in b2b marketing.

So let’s look at some of the ways product rendering is helping to revolutionise product advertising in the b2b sector.

  • Making the previously impossible possible

Prior to product rendering, the only way to provide potential customers with an accurate view of your product was to take a photograph, draw a sketch or perhaps come up with a lengthy description of its features. All these methods have their limitations. No matter how good a sketch is it doesn’t help with visualising how a machine or vehicle concept might look in the real world. The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is never more accurate when it comes to describing complex manufacturing processes and products. Product rendering has now made it possible to view a machine, product or manufacturing process from all perspectives. A product can now be seen in action from the inside out covering a range of perspectives that are impossible to capture on camera.    

  • Product rendering removes real world limitations

Product rendering is only limited by the imagination while photography will be reliant on location shoots to present products in their best light. 3D models and sketches also come with limitations and it can be cheaper and faster to produce a 3D renders. Existing models and sketches can also be converted to 3D renders to make use of existing visual assets. 

  • Product rendering enhances the visual appearance of your products

Product rendering will help display your products without the imperfections you might see in photographs. It is also possible to focus on particular parts of a product and bring out the story which might not otherwise be possible using other forms of media. Produce a video using product renders and the visual experience of your products can be enhanced further when it is featured on the company website for example. In advertising too a video using 3D renders will capture the attention of potential customers and look more professional.     

  • Use product rendering to tell your story

Product rendering makes a b2b marketer’s job so much easier now it is possible to show off products and processes in great detail. This contrasts with the old methods of using sketches and models that lack the accuracy a render can provide. A render of a product can be produced before it even exists, which can then be used to convince potential investors of the viability of an idea or a new proposed product range.

Today’s B2B companies face growing competition online which increases the importance of visitor experience on websites and other marketing collateral.  This means digital experience and how your processes and products are presented online matters more than ever and investment in that experience can make the difference between someone choosing your business over your competition.