3D Animation | Allu - Allu World 3D | B2B Marketing Agency Case Study


Allu World


Allu products can be used in so many applications – some of which still haven’t been identified. The Allu Transformer offers fleet owners, operators and contractors an exceptionally versatile product. It replaces the need for two machines and removing waste from site only to bring back usable virgin material. Our recommendation was to put the Allu Transformer right at the heart of every application in this 3D animation project


Our approach was to build the ‘Allu world’ – a striking 3D environment featuring several core applications for the Allu Transformer. By doing so we could isolate each application and demonstrate the value it delivers.

3d Creative Design

The Allu world featured Gypsum board, glass, bricks, concrete, wood, municipal waste, compost and pipeline padding applications in a 3D environment. Each application was presented on a single tile with the Allu Transformer taking centre stage. We produced a series of animations to demonstrate how the Allu Transformer delivers value for each material it processes. The campaign also covered email marketing, dealer marketing collateral, event invites, social media, direct marketing and BAUMA event communication.