Feeder animation - Dynapac Case Study


Feeder animation


Dynapac had developed industrial paving technology to significantly increase road quality and reduce job times, in the form of a new material mixer – the Dynapac IMIX Feeder. Continually mixing road paving material at two levels to tackle particle and thermal segregation (large/small parts and hot/cold parts) for a smoother mix, this new piece of equipment came at a much higher price point. Dynapac therefore needed a sales tool that would appeal to all decision makers i.e. engineers and financial teams.


Following the success of the High Impact TH E Screed 3D animations, we worked together to create a video that demonstrated the unique benefits of the IMIX Feeder and highlighted its ROI potential. While technical teams would understand the complex technology and its positive impact on paving projects, this may not be clear to those from a non-engineering background, who would need everything explained clearly and simply.


Having developed the IMIX Feeder logo, our 3D team and copywriters then worked closely together to utilise the same style created for the High Impact TH E Screed animations, ensuring the functionality of the feeder was clear throughout. Taking viewers through the journey of the particle materials in the feeder, stylistic we creatively showed how large and small, and hot and cold particles were constantly mixed in the feeder, to apply homogenous paving materials to the road surface.