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Training videos


Allu’s global dealer network required 24/7 product support. With manufacturing and product management based in Finland, it was paramount to create a dealer portal that could house animations and product documents to support customers all over the world at every hour of the day. Where Armstrong came in was to produce a series of multi-language training videos.


A 3D studio setting that was unmistakably Allu would be created. We then defined a style for camera paths and surface textures to ensure the series of animations would sit together as a suite. From there, we wrote several scripts and developed a series of storyboards alongside Product Management. We even built a test rig in 3D to demonstrate how parts would move and ensure information could be easily understood.


Once the storyboards and scripts were approved, we modelled all of the parts and set the camera paths, before rigging the animations to follow the step‑by-step process, accompanying each video with text overlays at every stage. This made translating into multiple languages easier for the future. Highly realistic and render intensive, the finish of our animations was befitting of an industry leader like Allu.