Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions - Healthcare range Case Study

Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

Healthcare range


Armstrong Ceilings designs and manufactures ceiling systems for some of the world’s most iconic buildings, covering an array of industry sectors. In late 2019, we were appointed to relaunch its Healthcare range. Healthcare is understandably one of the most heavily regulated sectors. As the comfort of patients and healthcare professionals is critical when designing such a space, there were many factors to consider. Healthcare buildings are probably the most demanding in terms of meeting safety, indoor quality and maintenance performances, with rigorous product testing and accreditations being a given. Due to the enormity of the product portfolio and countless sectors served, Armstrong Ceilings’ healthcare range was in need of fresh stimulus. The first part of our challenge was to claw back market share and gain measurable traction alongside the industry’s ‘big two’, while our second was to launch two innovative new additions to the Healthcare.


Having researched the market and competitor offering, we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses that informed our thinking for Armstrong Ceilings. With the complex nature of healthcare products, we had to ensure the audiences responsible for procurement could easily determine the correct product for the correct application. We also looked to disrupt the visual and tonal conventions of the sector. Overuse of stock library shots and images of sterile environments had long blighted this sector and we wanted to stand out in the sea of blandness.


A series of dynamic, photo-realistic 3D still life compositions brought our campaign to life, putting the ceiling tiles at the very centre of the environments they are tailor-made to operate within. These were coupled with the line ‘A proven formula…’ which neatly highlights the fact that the individual products representing the range are tried and tested in this exacting field. It can also be used as a vehicle to connect the product’s suitability to respective healthcare environments, which are split into four different risk levels (e.g. ‘A proven formula for severe risk’). Isometric 3D room-sets were also created to visually define each area and articulate the four risk levels, giving our audience a clear navigation of the product range.