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Bucher Emhart Glass

Data Campaign


Automation is the future of the glass industry and data collection plays a huge role in Emhart’s End to End strategy. Without it, they wouldn’t have the knowledge or insight to offer a fully automated solution. Many in the industry claim to collect and store data, but what does this actually mean? And what are the benefits of doing it? Our aim was to make Emhart stand out as THE leader in data. 


Researching the market, we discovered that Bucher Emhart is miles ahead when it comes to collecting, analysing and using data in the glass plant. As the only company to supply both hot end forming and cold end inspection machinery, Emhart is also the only one that can effectively USE the data to influence the process automatically. With no other single supplier claiming to do this, Bucher Emhart doesn’t just talk the talk.  


With machines able to speak to each other, Emhart can manage both sides of the process. Encouraging readers to question their perceptions of data, our fully integrated campaign delivered a single-minded message centred around “Our technologies speak the same language.” Visually, we wanted to create a tech-led, futuristic style that didn’t just blend in. Different variations showed a split view of red and blue bottles representing the hot and cold ends, with binary code, phrases and symbols flowing between them like conversations.