Animation Case Study | Bucher Emhart Glass - A Symphony of Glass

Bucher Emhart Glass

A Symphony of Glass


Having successfully launched its overarching End to End (Stronger Together) message – detailing how ‘hot end’ (forming) and ‘cold end’ (inspection) equipment could be integrated for greater efficiency – Emhart Glass requested a campaign to promote its comprehensive range of machines using animation. 


Based on the analogy of an orchestra, ‘A Symphony of Glass’ shows that although one instrument can play a tune, a complete ensemble playing together creates a symphony. The same applies to Emhart’s equipment, which can be used in isolation, but by working together, the different machines are able to create a masterpiece.


Our Symphony of Glass concept resulted in an engaging animation, visually arranged to combine the inner workings of Emhart equipment with a real orchestral piece. Emotive and evocative, yet with a hard-hitting sales message to bring the curtain down. Set to launch at the annual Glasstec conference, invitations were sent out saying ‘You are invited to a performance by Bucher Emhart Glass’ with details of the ‘instruments performing’. We complemented this by producing a series of dramatic photographs with Emhart parts replacing well-known instruments.