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End to End strategy


Bucher Emhart Glass’ equipment is used by container glass manufacturers who produce glass containers for many of the world’s leading food, drink, pharmaceutical and perfume brands. In fact, 40% of the world’s glass containers are produced by its machines. However, the inspection equipment that identifies defects before packing, wasn’t performing as well as the forming machinery, which shapes bottles from molten glass.


A global customer audit, competitor review and market study identified challenges experienced by glassmakers worldwide. Forming (hot end) and Inspection (cold end) were seen as two separate processes. Most plants measure success on pack rate or production efficiency.  On average, every 1% of pack rate is worth £1M per year. To increase the rate, some have even turned down the sensitivity of their inspection machinery, risking poor quality bottles or worse still, a product recall.

Bucher Emhart Glass is the only company in the world that offers both forming and inspection machinery. So, we asked – why not unite them together?


If an inspection machine sees a defect in the ‘cold end’, it can automatically inform the ‘hot end’ to adjust manufacturing parameters, resulting in an increased pack rate. A world first, this pioneering philosophy of total plant integration led us to create the ‘End to End’ identity.

Asking glassmakers to think of the hot and cold end as ‘End to End’, the global market took to it instantly, seeing the possibility of releasing previously untapped profit bubbles. And with that in place, our ‘Stronger Together’ campaign launched to communicate that both ends work better as one.


End to End streamlined the resource in the business by coming together internally as one company, becoming the point of reference for all decisions regarding investment, resource, technology, sales and marketing.

In 2017, Emhart’s President announced £140m of R+D would be invested in End to End over the next 10 years. Our campaign returned an amazing 282 x ROI for Emhart, with an 8% increase in global market share.  It also picked up a highly-coveted Direct Marketing Association award – the DMA Gold Award for Best B2B Campaign in 2018. And more importantly, it changed the container glass industry forever.