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Bucher Emhart Glass

Parts campaign


Spare parts for any machine builder should be a huge part of the revenue. Many OEM brands face fierce competition from local in-country manufacturers of spurious parts. This erodes profits and compromises revenue. OEM parts are original, designed and specified to operate at the required performance. OPEX is always under pressure from end users looking to reduce costs. Yet fake parts can stop production, be more costly over the lifetime of the machine and compromise safe working conditions. It called for a communication strategy to reinforce why end users should use original parts.


There are many reasons why fake parts are sought by customers. Speed, cost, convenience. After a great deal of analysis, we felt the need to educate end customers on the importance of using parts approved by Emhart. One of the finest industrial brands in the world, it is envied and admired by the glass industry, giving customers comfort and confidence. ‘Original parts – prescribed by Emhart’ are no different than the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Approved by a leading and trusted brand, they are the best choice for your machine.


To visually support the campaign line, parts were featured in medical blister packs, vials, medicine jars and capsules. These representations aimed to convince end users that genuine Emhart parts are the only parts that should be used on machines. The campaign consisted of trade ads, email marketing, press features on the importance and benefits of using original parts, social media posts and an updated packaging design in keeping with the new style.