Bucher Emhart Glass - Stronger Together campaign

Bucher Emhart Glass

Stronger Together campaign


The world leader in container forming machinery, Bucher Emhart Glass acquired an inspection business in the 1980s to extend and strengthen its product offer. Before 2016, both sides of the business ran separately. When End to End was launched, its revolutionary philosophy of uniting forming and inspection through a digital data bridge, needed a communication strategy that would be understood and embraced by all. A clear and succinct message with a visual link to bring these two processes together and convince customers to look at their glass lines in a whole new way.


‘Stronger Together’ was a simple line to unite two previously separate processes and two sides of the organisation, as well as to cement customer partnerships and connect a global industry. It went beyond two machines working as one. It captured the evolution of digital integration and fostered the future relationships of manufacturers to develop the next generation of glass lines with Emhart.


Split images of forming and inspection, hot and cold glass bottles, Emhart representatives and their customers, and different roles within the business were joined as one. These were to encapsulate the ambition of Emhart – that together, people, technology and partnerships are stronger. The roll out of this campaign was truly global and advertising placements in all major trade publications featured the series of adverts over several months. An internal engagement video crystallising the unification of inspection and forming brought a global team together. Direct mail explaining the philosophy and inviting customers to an event held at the European Inspection Centre followed. Social media activity supported the global communication programme and subsequent ‘pledges’ were made by departments throughout Emhart to become stronger together.