Animation Case Study | Bucher Emhart Glass - ‘Why End to End?’

Bucher Emhart Glass

‘Why End to End?’ Animation


End to End consists of a series of hardware and software solutions, connected and controlled through a databridge and control centre known as the FlexControl Centre. The flow of data between hot end and cold end is analysed via algorithms to inform either end of the process about a defect that has been detected or a parameter change that could cause a defect to occur. We had to summarise the entire End to End process with an exceptionally simple video animation.


Drawing a comparison with some of the world’s most iconic brands, we investigated how the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Intel present complicated software solutions with animation. Machine builders can often produce highly technical videos which are enigmatic for any viewer. We wanted to change the landscape and take communicating Emhart’s technology strategy in a new direction.


We maintained a clean Bucher Emhart colour palette, designing each scene to visually communicate the meaning of End to End. Paired with a simple script that could be understood by a global audience, we purposefully kept sentences short and to the point to avoid distracting viewers from the motion graphics. Effortlessly stylish and minimalist in execution, our animated storyline took customers on a journey to better understand and appreciate End to End.