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Wade Ceramics

Factory Tour video


When such beautiful products are made by hand, it’s essential to capture the manufacturing process in its entirety. Wade Ceramics has international customers who are not able to experience the factory tour. They therefore required a video to enable everyone to take a peek inside the Stoke-on-Trent factory and discover the quality craftmanship for themselves.


The video would be an introduction to Wade Ceramics for potential customers, to virtually showcase its products and processes. This wasn’t a sales video, but one to show the human elements, reminding viewers that Wade shares the same values and beliefs as them. The idea was to be an easy viewing, relaxing treat. We wanted no text or voiceovers, allowing the pictures to tell the story of how it all comes together.


Our videographer and lead designer researched the best styles for the video. Using realistic, close up shots of factory workers to add a human element, the treatment was very cinematic, complemented by a sound bed that enhanced the overall mood and intensity.