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Bucher Municipal

CityCat launch


Bucher Municipal appointed ArmstrongB2B® to support the marketing of its brand-new range of CityCat compact sweepers, which was set to launch in 2020. Taking a lead in the product naming, brand development, messaging and launch communications, we were to amplify the advancements in technology and driver comfort through animations, while communicating the overall benefits of ownership to fleet managers and purchasing teams.


The new range offered both drivers and fleet managers many benefits. These included increased driver comfort with better suspension and steering, and an armrest with ergonomically perfected controls. All new sweepers are built on the same ‘platform’ (everything under the cab, chassis, wheels, steering and suspension), offering greater flexibility to a fleet manager who can use the same machine for sweeping, washing and spreading. It also makes spare parts, servicing and maintenance easier to manage. Our strategic approach involved a full analysis of the established players, their marketing approach and the branding of their technology.


We felt CityCat was such a strong and well-established name, that to change it would weaken Bucher Municipal’s brand position. We instead chose to enhance the new range by focusing on the technology within the sweepers and creating technology brands to strengthen the overall CityCat brand.

Our campaign comprised isolated technical CGI renders of the systems that equipped the CityCat, as well as a suite of photo-realistic CGI renders in situ to appeal to a global audience. A teaser animation built anticipation within the market, followed by a full launch animation and street footage filmed on location in Switzerland. Bolstered with a plethora of launch communications, dealers were also invited to a private event hosted by Bucher in Switzerland, to witness the reveal of the new sweeper range before the official worldwide launch in July 2020.