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Bucher Municipal

Cosmix feature animations


To support the launch of the Bucher Cosmix, we were asked to develop a series of demo animations to show how the Cosmix works, including the additive system, mounting options, the conveyor and mixing auger, and the controls system.


Our animation style would maintain the consistency of a black backdrop to emphasise the vehicle’s clean white exterior. As each would be translated into several languages, the text and voiceover needed to be straight to the point, with camera angles playing a pivotal role in explaining each feature on the vehicle.


Overlays and motion graphics were designed to visualise the movement and task being performed, to ensure that operators could follow the videos remotely. Where possible, we isolated parts of the system and focused on a specific function or technology. We aimed to make the four animations between one and two minutes, to ensure the succinct delivery of information. And where mounts or cabs featured, we used a halo effect to maintain the focus on the system itself.