Truck mounted sweepers feature animations

Bucher Municipal

Truck mounted sweepers – Feature Animations


Bucher Municipal was about to launch the world’s first all-electric truck mounted sweeper. And it was up to ArmstrongB2B® to deliver a series of animations to support this revolutionary new concept.


In line with its sister brand, the CityCat, we showcased the new truck mounted sweeper on a rolling road in the testing facility. All textures, text overlays, soundtracks and camera pans were consistent too, resulting in three highly realistic animations that would celebrate the product launch, explain how it worked and also highlight a key option.


A marketing animation gave a clear overview of the product and features, while a more technical version demonstrated the advanced battery cell technology and unrivalled suction performance. Finally, a feature animation concentrated on the rear suction option available for enhanced sweeping capability. All camera paths, text and motion overlays were dynamic in design to engage viewers further.