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Bucher Emhart Glass

Product literature


Emhart Glass has the most impressive technology portfolio in the industry. With its five-pillar offer spanning automation, forming, inspection and support, a contemporary, yet uniform designed suite of literature was required to present the entirety of the portfolio and reflect Emhart’s world leading status.


For product imagery, we decided to model hyper-realistic CGI stills to ensure a consistent suite was achieved across the entire range. Iconography and simple tables would take precedence over reams of copy to enhance the user experience, while the CGI images offered unrivalled access to illustrate the technically advanced nature of these unique machines.


In total, five pieces of literature were produced, including a corporate profile, End to End strategy, inspection portfolio, forming portfolio and care brochure. Large hero images were displayed in clean studio environments. A foldout centre page featuring an entire ‘End to End’ plant created the show piece. Customers could see from this overview the breadth of technologies and services that Emhart offers. Generous white space was complemented by cool blues and the Bucher red stood out as a seal of quality.