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Screed launch


Dynapac approached Armstrong in 2019, ahead of launching its most powerful road paver – the High Impact TH E Screed. Dynapac’s screed technology was an industry first in terms of efficiency, dramatically reducing job times while increasing road quality and supporting sustainability goals. However, the vehicle was scheduled to be launched at an international exhibition before it was ready for the public eye.


We worked together to devise the brief for a suite of CGI animations. While designing the machines, Dynapac’s team created 3D files, from which Armstrong built the vehicles in Cinema 4D to be animated. Although initially asked for a CGI video to explain the technical functions of the new High Impact Screed, we chose this as an opportunity to truly maximise the product launch and proposed three – a social media teaser, a marketing video and full technical video.


All three videos were given the aesthetic consistency of a moody, dark studio environment, with strong spotlighting to fully focus the viewer’s attention on the innovative technology and sleek design of the vehicles.

To build excitement, the engaging teaser video showed only highly textured asphalt stones and utilised sound to spark interest among Dynapac customers.

Meanwhile, the marketing and explanation videos had to be carefully scripted in order to appeal to two separate decision-makers – the technical engineering teams and the financial teams. Throughout, the ROI of purchasing a Dynapac paver with the TH E Screed had to be clear to those with different objectives – road performance and company budgets.