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Interactive 3D environment


Egger UK manufactures innovative high-pressure laminates for an extensive range of applications. The breadth of finish, colour and style requires a great degree of product support to ensure the correct products are specified, and that architects, fabricators and designers are fully aware of the alternative and complementary colours and finishes.


Our approach was to create an informative and visually engaging 3D environment that featured a number of internal settings and applications. Each setting would include several Egger products that were recommended due to their high performance and aesthetics. The viewer could easily navigate around the 3D model and select each application to understand the best performing product.


We first sketched a 3D diorama to visualise the concept, before proceeding to build several settings, including a restaurant and bar, office, bedroom, kitchen and retail shop. Every setting was highly detailed and showed surfaces and applications suitable for Egger to present a broad range of materials, finishes and colours. Last of all, we set camera paths to animate into each setting, enabling viewers online to get closer to each product and learn more.