Product Launch Case Study | Iconsys


iAM-R launch


ArmstrongB2B® has a history of working with technological brands that are at the cutting edge of modern manufacturing. As one of the UK’s leading automation system integrators, Iconsys was about to branch out into automated mobile solutions, with the exciting launch of a new robot. Now all they needed was the brand name, new website and delivery of the marketing campaign.


First up, the brand identity. This new collaborative robot – which is fully mobile and has no need for tracks – called for a modern and succinct name, with reference to Iconsys, as well as its main properties.


From a series of creative workshops, the iAM-R was born. The ‘i’ comes from Iconsys, while the ‘A’, ‘M’ and ‘R’ stand for automation, mobile and robot respectively. This was also a name that could be adapted – the ‘R’ could be changed at a later point to a broader ‘S’ for solutions. To support the new identity, we designed, built and developed an extensive technical website, alongside a campaign of social posts.


Following the successful launch of the iAM-R, our targeted marketing campaign helped to achieve sales enquiries of over £2m.