Brand Strategy | Case Study Sorg


Sustainable melting


By developing the sustainability of its melting technology, SORG has once again proved itself as an industry pioneer. SORG’s revolutionary new concept will enable major glass manufacturers to melt more efficiently and sustainably. Our brief was to develop a brand name and devise a global communication strategy that empowered the industry to change.


With any global branding exercise, simplicity was key. We needed a name that could work in any language and be easily understood in English. It had to reflect the benefits to the industry, the customer and ultimately the brand owner or retailer. They all want sustainable glass, and this new innovation goes a long way towards achieving that goal. SORG wanted to own this territory, much like the Hoover brand had for the vacuum cleaner. With the name now chosen, we set about creating the brand identity and overarching launch campaign.


We developed a short teaser animation earlier in the year and a dramatic advertising concept, hinting that a ‘new wave of sustainable melting’ was rising. Our visually striking and powerful messaging campaign will cover all channels and be executed around the world. All will be revealed soon.