Marketing Campaign Case Study | Sorg Electric


Electric campaign


Nikolaus Sorg GmbH is the world leader in glass melting and conditioning technologies. Established in 1872 and still under family leadership, SORG has successfully designed and commissioned glass furnaces in over 70 countries, with over 300 in operation at any one time. Even though it has been an innovator of electric melting for 50 years, not many people in the global market know about SORG’s full capabilities. We had the opportunity to declare the fact that while some competitors are only starting their electrical journey now, SORG began producing the first all-electric melter 50 years ago.


The key to this marketing campaign was reaffirming SORG as the pioneer and outright global leader in electrical melting technology. Its 50-year history, coupled with an equally impressive reputation and portfolio of installations could not be equalled. Our approach therefore was to take a look back at SORG’s relationship with electrically powered furnaces. We would then move to the next phase of persuading those considering alternative zero or low carbon melting to choose SORG as the obvious partner.


The biggest challenge the glass industry faces is how to melt sustainably, yet cost-effectively. SORG wasn’t new to electric technology, but with a movement towards sustainable melting brought on by global demand from brand owners, retailers and governments, this campaign had to move and rally the industry to get ‘switched on’. The line wrote itself. The visual execution presented a brand of innovation and inspiration that would give great assurance to its audience. The neon glow of tubular glass lit up our message, set over a forest canopy as the hero image. Supported by video, social media, email, CGI animation and press, all the marketing featured a neatly crafted 50-year stamp.