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Video campaign


With a history spanning almost 150 years, how do you keep a global audience in tune with the latest developments and your business beliefs? As the only glass furnace designer and manufacturer with a dedicated Research and Development facility, SORG is constantly pushing the possibilities in melting and conditioning. With a loyal global following, SORG ‘s technology and products are in constant demand. With great demand comes great responsibility, to maintain a strong, consistent brand image that keeps your audience captivated. We wanted to take people inside SORG, to actually hear from the experts themselves.


We suggested shooting a series of thought leadership videos that focused on topical subjects, presented by a SORG specialist. Shot on location in Germany with SORG experts talking to the camera, we could bring the audience on a journey as to how SORG tackles technical challenges, what it takes to produce the best performing and enduring furnaces in the world, and what alternative technologies are available now, as well as in the future.


The style of the cinematography needed to be reflective of the SORG brand and the experts featured. We wanted to humanise the brand, to show the confidence and self-assurance SORG’s team have in their craft. Topics included Total Cost of Ownership, Research and Development, Electric Melting, Hybrid furnaces and Group Capability. In the early stages of development, this engaging series has already found a style that is unmistakably SORG.