SORG - Power of 3 Case Study - B2B Marketing Agency


Power of 3


The SORG Group consists of three trading divisions: Nikolaus Sorg who design and manufacture industrial glass furnaces, EME who design, manufacture and install batching plants for raw materials, and SKS who manufacture ceramic components for the installation or repair of glass furnaces. The Group offer provides glassmakers with a single source for all melting and conditioning requirements. These parts of the process are often viewed independently, therefore our challenge was to create a stunning visual that captured this holistic approach.


In creating a single environment that intrinsically links the three divisions, we had to think of a visual solution to portray a complete supply chain partner who could offer everything from the raw materials going in, to the well-conditioned glass coming out.


Our finished creative execution was a beautifully crafted glass orb, with all three SORG divisions presented in the same setting. Raw materials were displayed on one side and molten glass on the other, both framing the floating environment of the furnace.